ID: 25772
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Reported By: dmitrijsl at swh-t dot lv
Status: Open
Bug Type: Feature/Change Request
-Operating System: Windows 2000
+Operating System: *
PHP Version: 5.0.0b1 (beta1)
New Comment:

If at all then we should be able to do all comparisons directly by
__compare($other, $operator) where operator is one of {<,<=,==,!=,>,>=}
or by another method __less() which performs a < test so that __less()
and __equals() can be used to emulate all other tests.

Previous Comments:

[2003-10-07 04:05:43] dmitrijsl at swh-t dot lv

If a class defines a __equals($other) function, invoke that function on
object comparison. Example:

class MyClass {
public function __construct($value) {
$this->value = $value;

* This function should be invoked on object
* comparison with == or != operators.
public function __equals($other) {
if ($other instanceof MyClass) {
return ((int)$this->value
== (int)$other->value);
} else {
return false;

private $value;

$a = new MyClass(3.14);
$b = new MyClass(3.13);

if ($a == $b) {
echo '$a equals $b';

The comparison of $a and $b should result in the invokation of __equals
function of MyClass. The same should apply to the != (not equals)


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