From: akinder at technology-x dot com
Operating system: Linux RedHat 9
PHP version: 5.0.0b1 (beta1)
PHP Bug Type: Apache related
Bug description: require( 'require.php' ) crashing Apache 1.3.28

When developing, I normally require or include all necessary files in one
file top level, so that each script can require just one single file.
Normally this works fine, but starting last night, I found that if I store
all these includes/requires in my typical "require.php" file and require
it from my index.php, it crashes Apache. If I delete the require.php from
the directory, it works fine. Also, if I rename the file to something
like "global_includes.php" it works fine. It only crashes if I put
"require( 'require.php' );"

My other projects that use require.php still work fine, its just this one
(under directory /whi7/).

Also of note, regardless to what file I require within my index.php, as
long as require.php exists in the directory, it crashes Apache. httpd -l
shows mod_php5

Reproduce code:
require( 'openwhi/smaAPI.php' );

$api = new smaAPI();



require( 'require.php' );
//rest of page

Expected result:
It should just require the require.php file and work like normal, just
like the other projects.

Actual result:
The browser hangs, then stops loading the requested doent and just sits
on the one already open. Apache's error_log shows:

[Tue Oct 7 20:38:29 2003] [notice] child pid 2858 exit signal
Segmentation fault (11)

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