From: tipsen at imada dot sdu dot dk
Operating system: -
PHP version: Irrelevant
PHP Bug Type: Unknown/Other Function
Bug description: PHP website uses cookies to remember last search phrase in search box

My "problem" is an annoying feature/bug on the main website of PHP. The
search box remembers my last search phrase and I can't find a way to avoid
it other than deleting my cookies. I'm certain that this behaviour is a
feature of the search function but I find it rather annoying since I
rarely search for precisely the same stuff several times in a row.

Normally I search for different stuff and I tend to use the keyboard
shortcut (Alt+s) right after the search box appears in my browser which is
normally before the entire page has finished loading. However when the
page has finished loading the old search phrase is inserted into the
search box and often my new search phrase is overwritten which is quite

I hope you would consider removing this feature or at least make it
customizable by the users (like the language settings etc).

Have a nice day :-)


Tommy Ipsen

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