From: jzimmerman at bmslab dot com
Operating system: windows 2000
PHP version: 4.3.3
PHP Bug Type: FTP related
Bug description: ftp_put of small files failes

I'm encountering a problem when issuing an ftp_put on small files. If a
file is under about 8K, the put will fail with the following error

Warning: ftp_put(): Connection closed; transfer aborted

In isolating the failure, I was able to take the text file being ftp'd and
remove one line at a time. The ftp worked until the file became smaller
than about 8K.

The failure occurred in both ASCII and BINARY modes.

The destination FTP server in this case is the PABLO FTP server.

Thanks very much for your help,

John Zimmerman

Reproduce code:
$bUpload = ftp_put($connID, "myTest01.txt",
"c:/public/transfer/intranet/myTest.txt", FTP_BINARY);

Expected result:
successful ftp transfer

Actual result:
Warning: ftp_put(): Connection closed; transfer aborted

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