From: thouraud at bondy dot ird dot fr
Operating system: solaris 9
PHP version: 4.3.3
PHP Bug Type: Mail related
Bug description: mail() always return FALSE

The mail() function always return FALSE.
Even if the mail is sent !

Test with the sun's sendmail and postfix 2.0.16.
The mail can go out with no problem.

The result get the same safe_mode or not.

apache 1.3.28 with php as a module

Reproduce code:
$ret = mail ("userdomain.tld",
"sujet " . date("l dS of F Y h:i:s A"),
"From: [email]userdomain.tld[/email]\r\n"
."Reply-To: [email]userdomain.tld[/email]\r\n"
) ;

print "ret = $ret<hr>" ;
if ($ret) {
print 'OK<br>' ;
} else {
print 'KO<br>' ;


Expected result:
if we can send mail to [email]userdomain.tld[/email]
then OK and [email]userdomain.tld[/email] receive the mail.

if any error to sent mail
then KO and no mail !

Actual result:
always KO

but the mail are been received !

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