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Reported By: nomonada2000 at yahoo dot com
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-Bug Type: Unknown/Other Function
+Bug Type: *General Issues
Operating System: Windows XP Pro
PHP Version: 4.3.3
New Comment:

Propably that driver since I can't reproduce this.
(I don't have logitech mouse)

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[2003-10-21 21:16:26] nomonada2000 at yahoo dot com

I have found the solution.

When I canceled the logitech mouse driver EM_EXEC.exe(v9.78.34.0) in
the taskmanager. The php.exe sessions where started and CLOSED.

Is this now a bug of PHP or from LOGITECH?


[2003-10-21 19:23:38] nomonada2000 at yahoo dot com

Webserver : Omnihttpd v2.09
MySQL server : 4.0.13-win
PHP : v4.3.3
OS : WinXP Pro

Hello, I have been reading loads of stuff about this and I am having a
hard time figuring this one out.

When I run the script below, there is output as usually, But when I
hold the refresh(F5)(IEP) key down or press F5 quickly 10 times. The
PHP.exe file stays in the taskmanager.
It will not close after finishing the script.
And when there is 1 very quickly more follow which results in a very
long list of PHP.exe in my taskmanager, and memory failure.

As I already have read, people with apache have the same problem, but
in your bug reports a real solution was not offered, just some trails.

If I would gues, I think it is something in the PHP.ini but the offered
solutions with the "error/warning/notice" and "extensions_dir" did not
give a positive result.

Please ask me as much as you want in order to get this resolved.

Reproduce code:
// Show all information, defaults to INFO_ALL

Expected result:
php.exe closed in the taskmanager.

Actual result:
output is there,but php.exe is still active in the taskmanager with
more to follow until memory shortage.


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