From: s dot masugata at digicom dot dnp dot co dot jp
Operating system: FreeBSD/Linux/Solaris(sparc)
PHP version: 4.3.4RC2
PHP Bug Type: mbstring related
Bug description: multipart/form-date file upload problem.


output_buffering = Off
output_handler =
mbstring.language = Japanese
mbstring.encoding_translation = On
mbstring.internal_encoding = EUC-JP
mbstring.http_input = pass
mbstring.http_output = pass
mbstring.detect_order =
mbstring.substitute_character = none
mbstring.func_overload = 1
mbstring.script_encoding = SJIS

The value of $POST disregards the contents set up by php.ini, and
is changed into an internal encoding.

In this setup, it should not be changed into an internal encoding.
However, it will be changed.

My purpose wants to only use the function to change script encoding
by zend-multibyte into an internal encoding, and the function which
even input data changes into an internal encoding is not needed.

The transmitted input data may be broken down by this unjust
operation(for example, the special character by the specific model).

I think that this operation is not specification but a bug with
it being individual.

It seems that it is fixed in the snapshot in the built on Oct 26,
2003 20:30 GMT, is it fixed as well as a snapshot when PHP4.3.4
is released?

thank you.

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