From: opc at andired dot net
Operating system: Red Hat 9.0
PHP version: Irrelevant
PHP Bug Type: *General Issues
Bug description: System Don't Work

I use the next command
if (system("/usr/bin/htpasswd -b /home/var/key_file $user1 $clave1")) {
echo "Update File"; } else {
echo "Error !!"; }
This work very good in other system (RedHat 7.2), but don't understand why
don't work in my new server Linux Redhat ver 9.0 with PHP 4.2.2 and Apache

Reproduce code:
if (system("/usr/bin/htpasswd -b /home/var/key_file $user1 $clave1")) {
echo "Update File"; } else {
echo "Error !!"; }

Expected result:
Print in the screen "Update File"

Actual result:
Print in the screen "Error"

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