From: a dot stagl at gmx dot at
Operating system: Win2k
PHP version: 4.3.3
PHP Bug Type: DBM/DBA related
Bug description: Opening existing CDB does not work

I'm trying to open the contacts-databse from a nokia 9210i mobile, but it
doesn't work.

Reproduce code:
$db_conn = dba_open("contacts.cdb","r","cdb");
if (!$db_conn) die ("opening failed");
$key = dba_firstkey ($db_conn);
while ($key != false)
echo $key."<br />";
echo dba_fetch ($key, $db_conn)."<br /><br />";
$key = dba_nextkey ($db_conn);

Expected result:
---------------- get a list of key-value pairs.

Actual result:
The code didn't produce the expected output nor any error message. It
seems that the commands dba_firstkey and dba_nextkey always return false
instead of a key.

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