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Reported By: topitz at definiens dot com
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Bug Type: Mail related
Operating System: Win2k
PHP Version: 4.3.3
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[2003-10-30 06:22:00] topitz at definiens dot com

I use the SendMail() from the (-> Till now it
works fine, but now i updated the webserver to IIS5 on Win2k from IIS4
on NT4, and now the base64 encoding seems to work wrong (HTML and
Attachment part). The SMTP Server is Linux. Mail will received with
I tried already to change the cht from iso-8859-1 to utf-8, but it
doesn't becomes better.

This problem i got only with Win2k/IIS5!

Reproduce code:
$TEXT="Hallo, this a test for my email program. Hallo, this a test for

my email program. ....long text with breaks ....
test for my email program. Hallo, this a test for my email program.";

if (SendMail(
"","PHP Apache Webmailer", //sender
"","Tiberius Opitz", //recipient
"Testmail", //subject
$TEXT,$HTML,$ATTM)) echo "Mail send successfull.";

SendMail($From,$FromName,$To,$ToName,$Subject,$Tex t,$Html,$AttmFiles){
.... see

Expected result:
the script should send a mail with multipart data
(text/html/attachment) and print a success message after sending.

Actual result:
I got the email abreviated, but with additional characters (wrong
decoded)like: ܈^H[XZ[ܘ[KO...
I've the same problem with attechments.


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