From: ward at webware dot be
Operating system: tested on Linux and OpenBSD
PHP version: 4.3.3
PHP Bug Type: *General Issues
Bug description: php script uses all cpu and all memory

I've got a script which uses all my memory and cpu. I tested with php as
CGI and build-in. Both had memory limits on.

The script can be found at [url][/url]

The problem is the $empty parameter which is passed twice "by reference".

Reproduce code:
see url.

Expected result:
PHP had to kill the script after using more then 8mb of ram.

Actual result:
The script uses all the cpu and memory.

Edit bug report at [url][/url]
Try a CVS snapshot (php4): [url][/url]
Try a CVS snapshot (php5): [url][/url]
Fixed in CVS: [url][/url]
Fixed in release: [url][/url]
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Not developer issue: [url][/url]
Expected behavior: [url][/url]
Not enough info: [url][/url]
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PHP 3 support discontinued: [url][/url]
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