ID: 26043
User updated by: dqj at requesttech dot com
Reported By: dqj at requesttech dot com
Status: Open
Bug Type: PostgreSQL related
Operating System: Redhat 9.0
PHP Version: 4.3.3
New Comment:

Forgot to mention that the Postgres version is 7.3.4.

Previous Comments:

[2003-10-30 14:26:13] dqj at requesttech dot com

I was wrong about there not being anything in the logs. In the httpd
error_log, there was the following:

[Thu Oct 30 14:25:10 2003] [notice] child pid 16877 exit signal
Segmentation fault (11)

This occurs whenever a valid filename is given to pg_lo_import.


[2003-10-30 13:49:41] [email][/email]

Please try using this CVS snapshot:


For Windows:



[2003-10-30 13:48:23] dqj at requesttech dot com

No changes to php.ini distribution. No output shown in logs. Just
doesn't finish the page. (I have put echoes and breaks in to narrow it
to the pg_lo_import() call). We have checked file permissions, etc.
This code has worked under PHP 4.2 and other versions. Have tried
switching the pg_lo_import parameters back and forth, just in case, as
described in the bug doentation.

Reproduce code:
$res = pg_connect( "host=myhost dbname=mytest user=myuser password=zzz"
pg_exec( $res, "BEGIN" );
$oid = pg_lo_import( $res, "/tmp/dqj.tmp" );
pg_exec( $res, "COMMIT" );
echo "RES: $res, OID: $oid<br/>"; flush();

Expected result:
$oid should have a value. Echoed results should appear.

Actual result:
Blank page. (Or echoed results prior to subroutine call, if debug is


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