From: AxelLuttgens at swing dot be
Operating system: Darwin 7.0.0 (Panther)
PHP version: 4.3.3
PHP Bug Type: Compile Warning
Bug description: Warnings while compiling exif.c

When compiling PHP, I get two warnings related to lines 1555 and 1582 of
exif.c; both warnings read:

warning: passing arg 3 of `php_addslashes' from incompatible pointer type

Function php_addslashes gets called 4 times in file ext/exif/exif.c (/*
$Id: exif.c,v 2003/06/25 13:21:54 edink Exp $ */).

In function exif_iif_add_value, where argument 'length' is of type
line 1555: info_value->s = php_addslashes(value, length, &length, 0
line 1582: info_value->s = php_addslashes(value, length, &length, 0

In function exif_iif_add_str:
line 1708: info_data->value.s = php_addslashes(value, strlen(value),

In function exif_iif_add_buffer, where argument 'length' is of type int:
line 1756: info_data->value.s = php_addslashes(value, length, &length,

In ext/standard/string.c, definition of php_addsclashes reads as:

PHPAPI char *php_addslashes(char *str, int length, int *new_length, int
should_free TSRMLS_DC)

which is consistent with what appears in ext/standard/php_string.h:

PHPAPI char *php_addslashes(char *str, int length, int *new_length, int
freeit TSRMLS_DC);

Clearly, line 1708 is a don't care, and line 1756 is just compliant with
the definition of php_addslashes.
But lines 1555 and 1582 both use a length of type size_t instead of type

I am wondering what the compiler really compiles (as it just warns and
goes on).
Could this be a source of confusion (such as an unsigned long being
interpreted as a signed one)?

And would it be safe to just change the definition of function
exif_iif_add_value so as to set type of argument 'lentgh' to int instead
of size_t?

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