From: myle34 at hotmail dot com
Operating system: Windows XP
PHP version: 5CVS-2003-10-31 (dev)
PHP Bug Type: Reproducible crash
Bug description: Call to __set() crashes Apache when setting array element!

I am using PHP5-b2 and Apache 2.0.47 with Windows XP. Apache crashes when
the below code is run.

Reproduce code:
class Foo {
private $bar = array();
function __get($var) {
return(isset($this->bar[$var]) ? $this->bar[$var] : NULL);
function __set($var,$val) {
$this->bar[$var] = $val;

$foo = new Foo();

// Works
// $foo->test = array('testing'=>'testing, 1...2...3...');

// Doesn't work, crashes Apache
$foo->test = array();
$foo->test['testing'] = 'testing, 1...2...3...';


Expected result:
[testing] => testing, 1...2...3...

Actual result:
Apache crashes! No output.

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