From: kester dot everts at wanadoo dot nl
Operating system: Windows XP Professional (SP1)
PHP version: 5.0.0b1 (beta1)
PHP Bug Type: Reproducible crash
Bug description: Crash when nesting classes

When nesting a class within another class function, PHP crashes.
I have PHP running on an Apache2 (2.0.47) server as a module.
Changes in my php.ini, different from php.ini-dist are my SMTP server
setting, my error reporting level setting to E_ALL and the floating point
number precision to 14. No exentions are enabled.

Reproduce code:
class foo {
function bar() {
//here comes the line of doom:
class my_class {}

Expected result:
I expected PHP to return a fatal error which says that classes cannot be

Actual result:
PHP crashed...
I am using Windows, so I have not got a backtrace. I have sent an error
report to Microsoft; maybe that helps.

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