From: bruno dot faust at ig dot com dot br
Operating system: XP SP1 latest
PHP version: 4.3.3
PHP Bug Type: Reproducible crash
Bug description: access variable cause access violation

when y execute the php code i get "PHP has encountered an Access Violation
at 010E28D2"

when y modify "=&" - second "=&" - to "=", thats all ok.

Reproduce code:
class name
function load($name)
$file = "./name/" . $name . ".srlz";
return unserialize(file_get_contents($file));

$class_name =& new name;

$arr_estado =& $class_name->load("pais_estado");
$arr_estado =& $arr_estado[$_POST["usr_endereco"][$x]["pais_id"]];


short example.
this example has not crash.
my pages is very longer....

Expected result:
[1] => Acre
[2] => Alagoas
[24] => Santa Catarina
[25] => São Paulo
[26] => Sergipe
[27] => Tocantins

Actual result:
PHP has encountered an Access Violation at 010E28D2

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