ID: 26168
User updated by: robbat2 at gentoo dot org
Reported By: robbat2 at gentoo dot org
Status: Open
Bug Type: *Compile Issues
Operating System: Gentoo Linux
PHP Version: 4.3.4
New Comment:

i do realize that /usr/lib/build/* will have the execute bits set on
them if the install-build make target has been used, but the purpose of
this patch is to

Previous Comments:

[2003-11-07 17:13:55] robbat2 at gentoo dot org

Patch that fixes phpize:
--- php-4.3.4/./scripts/ 2003-11-07 14:20:41.000000000
+++ php-4.3.4/./scripts/ 2003-11-07 14:21:07.000000000
-57,6 +57,7
aclocal || exit 1
autoconf || exit 1
autoheader || exit 1
+test -x $builddir/build/shtool || chmod +x $builddir/build/shtool
libtoolize=`$builddir/build/shtool path glibtoolize libtoolize`
$libtoolize -f -c || exit 1


[2003-11-07 17:09:08] robbat2 at gentoo dot org

phpize as of 4.3.4 does NOT check that $builddir/build/shtool is
executable before it tries to run it.

Reproduce code:
1. unpack any source based php extension (I used turck-mmcache-2.4.6)
2. ensure that your /usr/lib/php/build/shtool does NOT have execute
3. in the new dir, run phpize.

Expected result:
should complete correctly.

phpize should set shtool to be executable before it tries to run it, or
at the very least it should check if it is executable.

Actual result:
you get this error:
/usr/bin/phpize: line 1:
Permission denied
/usr/bin/phpize: line 61: -f: command not found


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