From: tom at nooper dot com
Operating system: Redhat 8
PHP version: 4.3.4
PHP Bug Type: mbstring related
Bug description: unable to detect character encoding

I get the following error generated:
mb_convert_encoding(): Unable to detect character encoding

Up to 4.3.3 this works no problem. I compiled php with same options
including the --enable-mbstring=all. If I look at phpinfo() output it
seems that all the languages are missing no matter if I compile with
--enable-mbstring=ja or other.

I noticed another bug which was closed that fixed a bug in the reporting
of phpinfo() for mbstring where it was suggested that all languages were
included now from 4.3.4 independant of compile options.

The code snippet that was used to generate the error above is simply:

echo mb_convert_encoding($jText, 'SJIS','AUTO');

where $jText is some "EUC-JP" text.

I tried the latest php snapshot from cvs also and it also doesn't work. If
you need a short example program to reproduce this problem, I can look
into it from Monday/Tuesday.

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