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Reported By: hagman at hotbrev dot com
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Bug Type: Feature/Change Request
Operating System: All
PHP Version: Irrelevant
New Comment:

Is this keyed hashes we're talking about here? HMAC-type

The mhash provides what you're looking for. There's also
an example in the manual in the comments for the mhash
function for doing keyed MD5 hashes without installing the
mhash extension.

btw, brute forcing MD5 isn't something that's particularly
easy, keyed or otherwise.


Previous Comments:

[2003-11-11 10:24:28] hagman at hotbrev dot com

An optional parameter for MD5(), for challenge, this makes it much
harder to bruteforce MD5 hashes. Crypt only supports (random) one-way

Reproduce code:
The source on this has a javascript version.


Expected result:
more secure hashes.

Actual result:
i dunno


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