ID: 26351
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Reported By: jabberwocky at ibplanet dot com
-Status: Open
+Status: Bogus
Bug Type: MSSQL related
Operating System: Any
PHP Version: 4.3.4
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[2003-11-21 11:44:47] jabberwocky at ibplanet dot com

With the new MSSQL so-called "bugfix" there seem to be a lot of

first of all, when accessing the DB, and retrieving a field that has a
null value in it, a single space (" ") is returned instead of a null

This is also the case if you retrieve a numerical value of 0 - instead
of retrieving the number 0 - a single space (" ") is returned.

This has caused all sort of problems with the MSSQL Database Driver
that I am currently coding for Invision Power Board

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