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Reported By: shawn dot richards at ink dot ltd dot uk
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Bug Type: MySQL related
Operating System: Mac OS X Tiger.
PHP Version: 5CVS-2005-12-30 (snap)
Assigned To: andrey
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[2007-02-09 07:36:32] zelzel dot zsu at gmail dot com

I meet the same problem.

Why php comminity distributed this full of known bugs programs.

You even can not get a chance to install on your server.

It's really frustrated and anoying.


[2007-02-01 10:59:18] milnivlek at gmail dot com

I think I've figured out the definitive solution for this problem (at
least for most people):

If you're building PHP for an x86 server, this problem apparently
always occur when you use the 'Linux (x86, glibc-2.2, "standard" is
static)' binary distribution from the MySQL download page. Simply use
the 'Linux (x86)' distribution instead, and the problem should go

(The 'Intel C/C++ compiled' version doesn't seem to work either, so
stick with the regular one.)

Hope this helps.


[2007-01-29 18:00:55] colin dot anderson at red-man dot com

You're getting this problem because the MySQL >>binaries<< do not come
with certain libraries that are created when you build from source on
INTEL systems.

To resolve this problem, you need to download the appropriate

Visit >> [url][/url]

And grab the appropriate library for your server. All of the latest
MySQL releases are compiled with the ICC9 libraries; so grab those for
your appropriate architecture.

This should solve your problems; as stated repeatedly above,


[2007-01-09 20:14:56] dweller at devonweller dot com

I experienced this same problem on Mac OS X 10.4 with the 64 bit
package of MySQL 5.0.27.

I installed the 32-bit version of MySQL 5.0.27. After that, the php
compilation worked successfully.


[2006-11-21 16:43:33] nicolasboulet at maisonlaprise dot com

Thanks alot!
The with-mysql-dir= command also fixed my problem on Suse Linux 10.1.
Many thanks!


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