ID: 37037
Updated by: [email][/email]
Reported By: shadda at gmail dot com
-Status: yzed
+Status: Wont fix
Bug Type: PDO related
Operating System: Debian 3.1
PHP Version: 5.1.3RC2

Previous Comments:

[2006-05-01 01:08:20] [email][/email]

The issue related to native prepared statements not describing that
magical result set.


$stmt = $db->prepare("insert into test_table default values", array(


[2006-04-11 10:36:53] shadda at gmail dot com

Just a quick note -- in the above insert statement, the table should be


[2006-04-11 10:30:53] shadda at gmail dot com

I'm using PostgreSQL 8.1.2, on Debian Sid. In my database, I have a
table with a RULE on inserts...

CREATE RULE test_rule AS
ON INSERT TO test_table

When a new row is inserted to this table, it returns the ID (currval)
of the new row. This works from PSQL, DBI (perl), and JDBC, aswell as
the standard Pgsql extension in PHP.

From PDO, however, when calling PDOStatement::Fetch() after an insert,
only an empty array is returned, and not the resultset I was expecting.

Reproduce code:
create table test_table ( id serial primary key );
create rule test_rule as on insert to test_table do also select;

postgresXanadu:/$ php -r '
$db = new
PDO("pgsql:host=localhost;user=xoom;password=1914; dbname=general");
$q = $db->query("insert into foo default values");

Expected result:
array(2) {
string(2) "10"
string(2) "10"

Actual result:
array(0) {


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