ID: 39586
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Reported By: paolo dot sfredda at aruba dot it
-Status: Open
+Status: Bogus
Bug Type: Apache2 related
Operating System: Windows XP
PHP Version: 4.4.4
New Comment:

php4apache2.dll is PHP for Apache 2.0.x, not Apache 2.2.x.
We do not plan to release any PHP4 modules for Apache 2.2.x, but you
can install PHP 5.2.0 package, which contains php5apache22.dll.

Previous Comments:

[2006-11-22 11:24:15] paolo dot sfredda at aruba dot it

My configuration:
OS: Windows XP Pro
Apache: 2.2
PHP: 4.4.4 and/or several patches (stable, cvs, latest and so on)

Problem: the Loadmodule command in http.conf get a sintax error due to
it can't find the dll.

I need to use THIS VERSION of PHP because my internet provider use
that. So i need to reproduce an exact local test environment.

I read in this site that the problem is many times reported but you
don't have a resolutive answer.

Reproduce code:
As written in your install.txt, in my http.conf:
LoadModule php4_module "C:/Programmi/PHP/php4apache2.dll"
ScriptAlias /php/ "C:/Programmi/PHP/"
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php3
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php4

Expected result:
Using PHP 4.4.4 (NOT AN ANOTHER VERSION!!!) as a module with Apache 2.2

Actual result:
Sintax error at the line where placed Loadmodule statement becouse it
cant'find the dll file


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