I was just up on SCO's FTP site and noticed they have, as of today,
Update Pack 1 and Maintenance Pack 1. I have a question about the
Update Pack - The readme shows the following:

+ New features in the Update Pack
- Support for IDE hard disks larger than 137GB
- Extended shells
- Info-ZIP
- Hyper-Threading Technology
- New manual pages

AND, as a prerequisite:

3. Install the SCO Update Service (SUS) Enabler license.

This license is available in two forms:

+ the SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.7 with SCO Update bundled product
includes the SUS Enabler license in the operating system license

+ to supplement the basic SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.7 license, you
can purchase an add-on SUS Enabler license

__________________________________________________ _____________________
NOTE To determine if your SCO operating system is bundled with
SCO Update, run:

/etc/brand -L | grep 'a120;'

If this command returns output, your operating system license
also contains the SUS Enabler license.

If you do not have an SUS Enabler license, contact your
software supplier.
__________________________________________________ _____________________

Does anyone know, if we don't intend to use SCO Update, is the SUS
license REQUIRED to install the Update Pack? The new features are not
listed as part of the Maintenance Pack. I have some boxes in the
field that I would like to apply the Update Pack to, and I did not see
in the readme that the SUS license is an optional step.

Scott McMillan