hi y'all

i now have 5.3-release installed and running fine, but i had to use
three different boot floppies to get into the install procedure. If i
insert CD1 and turn my pc on, it gives me something that looks like a
hexdump right before it should show the boot prompt.. and then
I spent a whole day googling for this issue but couldn't find anyone
who has had this same problem. does anyone here know what it is/could
be, because i would like to be able to boot the cd instead of using
the only floppy i still have and copying the boot image onto that,
waiting for freebsd to ask for the next, copy the next image.. etc.
it's a dell dimension M200s (200Mhz) btw, and the 4.x series boot cd
works just fine.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Bas Essers