Greetings -

==> Prior to installing the 7.0.1 Udater:
Using DW for site design, I was able to use the Recordset wizard for creating
db queries. Although MS Access is not a production db, there are occasions
it is fine to use.

When using the Recordset Wizard in DW, i select a datasource pointing to an
MS Access DB. After selecting the datasource, a listing of available tables
within the database is displayed in the table window.

==> table name: current_news

==> After installing the 7.0.1 Udater
Using the Recordset Wizard, now displayed in the table box of the wizard,
is the full file path to the db table.

==> ie: C;\Inetpub\wwwroot\domain\db\ -- the rest is cut off.

Can someone shed some light on why this is happening? == and/or ==
How it can be corrected?

Leonard B