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> My son's titanium powerbook 867 accidentally hit the ground when the strap
> on his backpack broke. Although it still works, the screen has areas that
> look like black fern leaves growing, (and they continue to grow!), and the
> one hinge is separated slightly. The battery connection seems to work
> intermittently, too. We checked replacement parts at Powerbook Parts, and
> the cost for just the screen is over $1,000. Question - are these parts
> available elsewhere, and is it even worth fixing considering the present
> value of the powerbook? Thanks.
Doubt you can get the part anywhere else -- Apple is rather protective
of such things. Seems worthwhile to me -- new 867s are going for two
grand, so if everything else on the machine is working....

You could, of course, forget about the screen and use it as a desktop.