Hello, I am newbie to nighttime photography and would like to capture
the upcoming Tribute In Light at the WTC site this Thursday, Sept 11,
2003. I have a 35MM Nikon N2020 [EU: F-501] SLR, AF Nikkor 35-70MM
f3.3 lens, tripod, and remote shutter release, so I should be OK on
the equipment side of things. I am planning to set up across the
river on the promenade at Liberty State Park in NJ. Distance is
probably about a mile, but it should still be fairly luminous. Quite a
few questions, appreciate any help:
1. What is the ideal (print) film speed, assuming I can keep the
shutter open as long as needed for best quality? Any special type or
brand of film recommended? Any reason to use slide film?
2. What is the best combination of aperture and shutter speed (i.e.
what is the minimum/ maximum amount of time I can manually keep the
shutter open)?
3. Any tips for reducing light pollution (people using flashes,
artificial lighting etc)? Would a lens hood help? Do I need to cover
the viewfinder eyepiece if I am keeping the shutter open a long time?
4. Any recommended filters?
5. For anyone in the NYC/ NJ area: any other good vantage points along
the Jersey waterfront without light pollution? I figure LSP is good
but it might be crowded and I'm not sure how late the park is open.
Thanks in advance! Bill