I just wanted to mention I found a quick and dirty solution for the
issue that some of you may have met when:
- InDesign quits with an error message about a corrupted database
- No further attempt is successful as InDesign crashes when trying to
recover (or open) the file

My solution was to
- Launch InDesign
- Select "optimised display" (grey out images) before opening the
- Opening it (it does not crash)
- Cut and pasting pages to a brand new doent until InDesign crashes
- The moment when it crashes indicate which is the page containing the
corrupted entry to the image database
- Relaunch InDesign (still in "optimised display" mode)
- Reopen the original doent
- Delete the supposedly corrupted image
- Save the doent (using Save As...)

That's it!

It looks awful but it saved me hours (days?) of painful work to rewrite
everything. By the way... it also solved the issue that prevented me
from saving this file but in the Desktop folder.