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Gordon Moat <net> wrote: 
>> As far as I can tell, Fuji still uses a rectangular grid. A real hexagonal
>> grid (with angles of 120 degrees instead of 90 degress) will be
>> interesting from a mathematical point of view. But I doubt that you gain
>> anything over a rectangular grid.[/ref]
>Here is an often published image that leads me to think it is not rectangular:

It looks a lot like a normal grid that is rotated by 45 degrees. Note that
the shapes have eight sides.

They are cheating a bit in the illustration. They rotated the grid but they
also reduced the distances between the pixels, thereby increasing the
pixel density. The Nikon D100 and the Fuji S2 both have a 6 Mpixel sensor
with a similar crop factor.

Anyhow, loading an image that has been rotated by 45 degrees in PhotoShop
should be no problem. You do need about twice the number of pixel to
make the image rectangular.

Philip Homburg