I have an ASPX page that contains an HTML table. Inside one table cell I have either a panel containing 20 placeholders or simply 20 placeholders inside the table cell (no panel)

I have an HTML control that dynamically builds and HTML table at runtime and assigned to a placeholder. That placeholder is given and exact X, Y position on the screen. Each HTML table needs to be placed at an exact position relative to the outside larger table cell. All works and looks fine, all HTML controls are drawn exactly the where I want, but if the browser window is resized, everything resizes except for the HTML control assign to the placeholders

I believe I understand why, but I don't know what to do to correct. (I guess this is more of an HTML related question... perhaps?

BTW, I am dynamically drawing a family tree, so in addition to tables I have horizontal and vertical lines also being placed into a placeholder and assigned an exact position. Sort of like an Org. Chart

Can anyone have me out here