I've made a newsletter to be managed with contribute but I can?t find a simple
way for creating absolute location for the images
[url]http://www.mysite.com/mynewsletter/images[/url]. I've tried all the diferent
combinations in the User and roles > File placement, and even with the "Write
links relative to the root of website" selected none of my images stayed like I
want. It always look something like /images/1.jpg. This is ok if you are making
a regular web page, but for a newsletter you need to create absolute paths to
images, for work well in most of the e-mail programs.

After this I tried to publish the page and then edit again to change the
location of the image in the image properties box, adding the
[url]http://www.mysite.com/mynewsletterbefore[/url] images/1.jpg, but wen I select OK and
open this box again I see that the root to the picture stayed images/1.jpg.

The only way that I finded for this to work was by modifing the page code in
File > actions > edit page source in external application. I choosed to open in
notpad and then manually introduce the absolute path
This works nice but is a terrible solution to present to someone that don't
understand code and just wanted a simple way to edit a newsletter. This is not
a good solution for a client. Is there any other way to do this?

Does anybody knows a better way to do this?
Thanks all