We have a set of pages that we want to be able to edit, but the pages are on a
secure server that Contribute isn't able to access using the key we've been

When we get the access key and try to use it the password is entered and you
click OK, but the following message comes up.

"Contribute could not connect because the server is down or not accepting

We hit 'OK' and the following message pops up.

"Contribute could not verify your connection key. A network connection to the
server could not be established. Please contact your administrator for

This we have done and they are looking into the problem. We tried navigating
to the site using contribute. This wasn't a problem. We then tried to
establish a link using the ftp address with the administrator guiding us
through the steps, but we recieved the same error messages.

Is contribute unable to access pages within a secure site?

Any advice or comments on this problem are welcome.