I'm new at using a database on a web site. I'm setting up a very simple
database for a client. It has 13,000 records and may grow to 60,000 over
time. It only has four fields per record and people will only be searching
on one field.

So...I set up a test using Access and it works great. The thing is, the
database is 6 megs now and will only get bigger. The client will be updating
it steadily using Filemaker Pro and I'll have to convert it and upload it
(and test it, of course).

My question is: In playing around I see a DBF file is tons smaller. It looks
to be about 25% the size. What are the pros and cons to using Access vs.
DBF? If in this simple case DBF will work as well and be a smaller size,
why not go that way? Will it be faster and less subject to corruption?

Any thoughts?