I want my websvc to read the logfile directory path from IIS configuration
Properties, thereby store my websvc log messages in a file created in that
The reason is that the websvc has to be installed on several servers and I
donot want to hardcode the logfile path in the code. I get an error "Run-time
exception thrown : System.Exception - Cannot create ActiveX component."
" on GetObject Call, when I tried the following code.

Dim IISOBJ, Servername, WebSiteID
Dim flag2 As String
flag2 = ""

Servername = "localhost"
WebSiteID = 1

IISOBJ = GetObject("IIS://" & Servername & "/W3SVC/" & WebSiteID)

If (IISOBJ.LogType = 0) Then
flag2 = "Disabled"
flag2 = "Enabled"
End If
flag2 = IISOBJ.LogFileDirectory

I read about the metabase issues...but didnt know what to do....
Is this a security issue? If so, how do I work around it..Thanks a million