Hi Friends,
I had written a VJ++ COM DLL which uses some jar files.I tried to
access the DLL from a VB Standard Exe
and it worked fine.But,when i did the same with a ASP Page it gave an error
No Class Def Found.The Jar Files
which the COM DLL needs where in the proper classpath when the DLL was
built.Also ,VB Standard Exe was also
executed from the Same machine.The ASP Page is also in the IIS Server on the
same machine.But,i do not understand
why it works with VB and not with ASP the same way.Is there any specific way
to refer to jar files or class files which
a VJ++ COM DLL may require while working with ASP and IIS.If anyone knows a
solution or has has faced a similar
problem in the past,please let me know.Any help regarding this will be
sincerly appreciated.