Have Compaq Deskpro EN 1GHZ machine with Win NT 4 SP6a with Acrobat 6 standard installed. 512MB RAM. When opening Acrobat, graphic of man is missing from splash screen only text/loading files at bottom of splash screen is displayed. Once inside the program, the graphics next to text selections on the top toolbar as well as those on the side pane are missing. Opening a previously created PDF with embedded graphics gives an error to the affect of can not aquire image. Have installed on Compaq Deskpro EN 333Mhz with NT 4 SP6a with no problems. Trouble Compaq PC has on board and added video cards. Updated added video card drivers. No fix. Reimaged machine with same image and different NT image. No fix. Switched to onboard video card and updated onboard drivers. No fix. Used different Compaq Deskrpo EN 1GHZ machine with clean NT image. No fix. Imaged PC with Win 2K. Adobe works fine. User department will not upgrade OS just to have Acrobat work when previous version of Acrobat (5) works fine. Need to have Acrobat 6 function properly on 1GHZ NT machine. Any suggestions?