We need allow our users( Web Application ) to annotate pdf doents
using Acrobat.

- doents can be opened with defferent access levels:
- viewer( only see others annotations )
- reviewer( see other and can post )
- admin ( can delete others )

- Permissons must be flexible.
- Directory browsing is not wanted.
- Permission not static, it is changes in time.
- Integrated authentication not wanted, because not all iur clients
in one domain. our web app have Forms Auth.( in asp.net context )
- Basic Auth not wanted, it hard to maintance.

how it works now:
- we use SOAP repository
- sdkSOAPCollabSample.js used with some changes.
- webService used to receive annotations.
- when user try to open file, we generate .fdf file, that include
all scripts and link to pdf-doent

- When fdf opens from IE, Acrobat 7 started, but than, it use old IE
window to show PDF. ( it will be much better if it use new window )
- When fdf opens from IE, Acrobat 7 startded, and launch IE for show
pdf. it is a promlem because authentication cookie used in firefox
lost, and we can't autorise request to webservice.
- we can't set up access levels to pdf doent. it's true, that we
must encrypt pdf in this case?

What is recomended pattern(s) of implementation online collaboration
in our context?