If you use a drawing program and import the picture into it, you can (Corel
Draw comes to mind) create a box around the picture. You can also colour the
box and produce what 'looks' like a picture frame. http:\\[url]www.auspics.org[/url]
for an example. I used several boxes on this picture and a radial fill on
one of them so the "gold" boarder looks like a raised frame.
Corel Photopain can also do it.

"Pure Emotion" <TrevorNOSPAMPureEmotion.com.au> wrote in message
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> Some time ago I saw some posts relation to placing a thin black line
> the image, then puting a white border around the lot.
> Someone came up with a set of actions to acomplish this in Photoshop. I
> since had a crash and lost the set of actions for above.
> HELP....!
> Trevor C
> Townsville.