I have a DWL650+ (PCMCIA) - on a compaq laptop running RedHat 8.0.
After I bough the card, I found out that D-Link does not have a Linux driver
for it.
Since it is based on the TI ACX100 chip, I found that one website that has a
workaround for the problem (I sure that this is old news for most people
Anyway I downloaded the driver followed the instructions and they driver is
without any error messages, etc... However I am stuck in the part on how to
actually configure and bring the network card up, which in this case is
called eth1.
I noticed that during the boot phase when the system tries to start it gives
some error messages, but
I don't know which files they up put so I can look at them and have a clue
on what is going on...
Any help on this would be highly appreciated.