InfoTipsControl is a Google Suggest inspired WebControl, meaning it
will do server-side lookups to populate a text box with
A sample application can be found here:
(Type e.g. "a" in any of the TextBoxes)

This actually goes server-side for every change inside the textbox with
the contents of the textbox and creates a DIV run time which will be
displayed and have support for navigation through using the arrow keys
Works in FireFox and IE.
Does client-side caching of "queries seen before"

The website for the control can be found here:

The control is a commercial product, but anyone can download a trial
(no registration required) which will work out of the box but display a
"Trial Info" text inside it when appearing...

Please support a small independent start-up if you wish to use it in
your applications...
If your business is a school or in any other way a business which can
appeal to my conscience (voluntary work, Open Source Initiative etc) we
can probably supply a "free version" of the WebControl.

Thomas Hansen