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> Dear People, Hi
> I would like to add a behaviour to an image to display text instructions on mouse over, and then ideally to enable the text box to be closed by clicking a close button.
> I have no problem with this using layers, as I just set the visible/invisibility of the layer and then have the layer show on mouse over.
> However I am using in this case a table with numerous cell's, some of which will have the image in to trigger the behaviour.
> I have set the table to appear relative to the browser window (centre) and any layers I put in will be absolutely positioned, so nothing will line up unless very very lucky.
> I do not want to make the text as a GIF and then just add a swap image behaviour. (poor quality of text.....)
> Is there any way to make text appear in a cell on the mouse over event.
> I cannot even simply put text into a cell and just cover it up with a blank image and have the image hide on mouse over to display the text, partly because there are a lot of elements, but mainly because tables/cells do not allow stacking or layering.
> Can anyone offer any help.
> Thanks in advance
> Glen
You can position a layer relatively with the "Snap layers" extension
from [url]www.projectseven.com[/url]. Then, the layer could be placed in relation
to e.g. an image - not absolutely positioned in relation to the browser
wondows x and y axles.
Browse around at their site and you'll also find tutorials and not least
their newsgroup where you can look up numerous questions about this.


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