I went into regedit and deleted not only 9, but 6, 7 and 8 too.
I still don't get any flash content. Active X is listed in Control Panel's
Programs and Features but no player is listed. Yet, when I try to install it
I am still asked if I want to install Active X.
When I go to ESPN''s site to play video clips, the box is empty.
I right click on the empty area and it says, "Movie not loaded."
It also has a tab that says, "About Flashplayer 9" so do I have it or not?
Before, I had Flashplayer 7 and I could get a picture in the box but it
wouldn't stream
the video. If I right clicked on it, a tab would come up saying, "about
Flashplayer 7"
When downloading 9, I never saw the movie, but I got a message saying
it had to restart web content or something to activate it.