I am working on upgrading a friends computer. He has PhotoShop, InDesign,
etc. I took his computer home to upgrade it, and only took the "box" (no
monitor or other peripherals) to my shop. I noticed while going to
Microsoft's Windows Update web site 9to get latest XP Pro upgrades) that the
text was practically unreadable, yet other web sites appear to display jsut

Then I learned about this Adobe Gamma thing - apparently it calibrates to a
specific monitor. Could this be the problem I'm having when I hook his box
up to my monitors (I've actually tried a couple different monitors of mine
and it still doesn't display the microsoft site very well)? Or when I take
it back will it work fine with his monitor?

Or, by some quirk - is it a bad video card (but bench test show the video
card should be just fine)?