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"Adobe InDesign CS" or "QuarkXPress 6.0" - Adobe Indesign Windows

Ah! Finally found a good thread about this question of mine. It's at Steve Werner "Creating side heads?" 7/5/04 6:59am </cgi-bin/webx?14.3bb4e816/0>...

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    Default Re: "Adobe InDesign CS" or "QuarkXPress 6.0"

    Ah! Finally found a good thread about this question of mine. It's at Steve Werner "Creating side heads?" 7/5/04 6:59am </cgi-bin/webx?14.3bb4e816/0>
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    Default Re: "Adobe InDesign CS" or "QuarkXPress 6.0"

    Latex is probably the best for producing math intensive books. Guest

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    Default Re: "Adobe InDesign CS" or "QuarkXPress 6.0"

    Instead of LaTex we can use XPP (XML Professional Publisher) from XyEnterprise, which we have, but it's not "user friendly." Like LaTex, it requires coding knowledge in addition to XML expertise. I'd like to be able to say that a 600-page math test-preparation book CAN BE DONE in Adobe InDesign CS v3 Pagemaker Edition. We would be converting it from Pagemaker 7.0 on Windows XP. I think I'd like to hear from people who have worked on a project this size using InDesign. Guest

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    Default "Adobe InDesign CS" or "QuarkXPress 6.0"

    We're doing some electronics texts, full of formulas. They're not
    particularly complicated formulas, but we use MathType exclusively with ID.

    -John O Guest

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    Default Re: "Adobe InDesign CS" or "QuarkXPress 6.0"

    We use MathType with Word, export the equations as EPS/TIFF and then import them into the Pagemaker files one equation at a time. Do you do in-line equations or are your formulas placed on their own line? If you do in-line equations/formulas, do you have a problem with text-wrap in ID? In Pagemaker we sometimes have to move the graphic to fit correctly on the line. Guest

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    Default "Adobe InDesign CS" or "QuarkXPress 6.0"

    We do both, but anything more complex than a single-line equation goes on
    its own line. If the equation is taller than the normal leading of the
    paragraph then yes, it gets tricky, but we try not to do that.

    We don't use Word for anything in this from MathType to eps
    to ID.

    -John O Guest

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    Default Re: "Adobe InDesign CS" or "QuarkXPress 6.0"


    Is InDesign 3.0 a good choice for producing a 600-page book with math equations placed as graphics (square-root-type equations)? Or should I look at Ventura or some other application?

    You should be looking at Ventura 10 for equations, and the ability to break your 600 pages into chapters which can be self-contained but at the same time can be globally spellchecked, indexed, etc., and moved around at will, including to other doents. No need for an endless stream of text for hundreds of pages, or a book file linking separate files.

    But there is always a hitch. Ventura unfortunately doesn't read in Word equations into its equation editor, nor does it import them as graphics (it does read in Word tables). You would need to re-create each equation, but once you did it would be entirely editable within Ventura and is 'on the page' (no need to go back endlessly to Word or an equation utility to edit and then reimport a graphic). It is also possible to precode an equation in Word so that it displays correctly (or nearly so, depending on your skill!) in Ventura on loading the Word file. You can also easily precode all your text in Word by using macros to add Ventura codes for paragraph and character styles and special characters and to protect intraparagraph italic or bold and then save the file as text-only (ASCII), so that Word garbage is eliminated.

    Having said all this, you should also consider FrameMaker, which also has an equation editor. I haven't used FM since version 4, but I believe that it will read in Word equations as graphics, which would also mean that you would have to redo each equation if you wanted direct editing in FM. I havenít had to include many equations in InDesign, but my frustrating experience with importing and reimporting them as graphics into PageMaker is etched in my memory. Guest

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    Default "Adobe InDesign CS" or "QuarkXPress 6.0"


    If you have to number equations. Forget InDesign. If you have to lots of
    references to previous equations, forget InDesign. I think FrameMaker is
    the only reasonable choice unless you like programming your doents in
    LaTex. Alas, InDesign will make much nicer looking pages, but it is not
    worth the effort to forgo what Frame will do for you.

    Mike Guest

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    Default Re: "Adobe InDesign CS" or "QuarkXPress 6.0"

    Ian wrote: Even though I've benn using Adobe CS for a couple of months now, be careful about knocking Corel Draw. It's still a powerful app, even though it's lost its way somewhat in recent years. The first proper graphix app i ever owned,

    To each his own. Most people I know wouldn't use any Corel products if their life depended on it. Me personally , I never really liked it all that much and preferred to be in an Adobe workflow completly. But hey if it worked for you then great, do what you got to do.

    Best regards,
    Mark Guest

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    Default "Adobe InDesign CS" or "QuarkXPress 6.0"

    Those people don't value their lives very much, then. <g>

    I still prefer CD to Illy for a lot of things but I for me the gap has
    narrowed. Illy has much better support for transpanency and the AICB
    format makes getting simple objects from Illy to ID a snap.

    I still use CD for technical type illustrations such as charts.


    Bob_Levine Guest

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    Default Re: "Adobe InDesign CS" or "QuarkXPress 6.0" Guest

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    Default Re: "Adobe InDesign CS" or "QuarkXPress 6.0"

    May be helpfull:

    I've seen a formula plug-in for InDesign. (InMath - <> ).

    Lucien. Guest

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    Default Re: "Adobe InDesign CS" or "QuarkXPress 6.0"


    I had more flack from my user base when I told them we were going to all Adobe apps and not using Freehand any more than I did when I told them no more Xpress either, figure that one out.

    Mark Guest

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    Default "Adobe InDesign CS" or "QuarkXPress 6.0"

    That's easy to figure out. They liked Freehand and hated XPress.


    Bob_Levine Guest

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    Default Re: "Adobe InDesign CS" or "QuarkXPress 6.0"

    Not really I had a few Xpress diehards but even they came around to ID. But resistance to abandoning Freehand was not something I was even expecting. Guest

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