My Airport Extreme Base Station had worked perfectly for months until a
few days ago. Now it seems that after even an hour of inactivity, I lose
my DSL connection to the Internet. (The address is assigned by DHCP;
when the problem occurs it changes to 169.x.x.x). I must restart the
base station, then everything is back to normal again.

Has anyone else seen this problem? I don't think my ISP's policy has
changed as regards to how long the address is valid. I was going for may
weeks without having to touch the base station.

I currently have Firmware version 5.0.4. I haven't upgraded to the
latest version as I am still using OS X 10.2.3 and they say Airport
software 3.1.1 is recommended and that requires OS 10.2.6.

My connection is DSL modem - AEBS - G4 tower (by wire) + iBook
(wireless). I can't seem to restart the base station from the iBook;
only from the G4, which means I have to go to it everytime I lose the

Any suggestions as to what might be going on and what to do about it?



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