After ungrading to Adobe Flash Player 9, i can't open anything with flash on
any of my browsers (Safari, IE)
and it just keeps on running in it tells me to go to the
download page and then i would download it and install the software, but after
installation, it directs me to the macromedia pages and it says:

"The page ?Macromedia - Flash Player? has content of MIME type
?application/x-shockwave-flash?, but you don?t have a plug-in installed for
this MIME type. A plug-in should be available on this page:


Do you want to open the page?"

and when i open the page. it's just the page where I downloaded the Flash
it just keeps going back in circles after i've like it like 8 times already!

URGGHHH!!!! help!
now i can't open anything with flash on the page!!!!
and there isn't any help on the forum at all!!!!