AI CS makes PDFs with data in strips, showing white between the strips which are horizontal and less than 1" apart. I've seen this problem on another copy of AI CS and thought that it was perhaps only that setup that was causing the problem but now I've seen it again.This PDF will print with horizontal white lines in it.

It was explained to me by an Adobe tech that the data is being divided into strips for some reason, too much data perhaps. They could never find a solution for me and this is a big problem. The files have 20 GB or greater eps files in them. I can take the file, save it as a legacy 10.0 AI file and then make a PDF but this makes a larger PDF which is a problem with some email systems.

Has anyone else noticed this and is Adobe looking for a solution?

My system is Jaguar 10.2.8, G4/1250 with 1 GB RAM