I had a SMC2404WBR hooked up for a test a few months ago. It seems to me I
had to manually assign IP settings on my powerbook in the TCP/IP control
panel (OS9). Once set manually it worked fine. My memory is a little fuzzy
but I think DHCP worked fine hardwired but would not work over the wireless
network on my powerbook.
> From: [email]pberg[/email] (Paul)
> Organization: [url]http://groups.google.com/[/url]
> Newsgroups: comp.sys.mac.portables
> Date: 25 Jul 2003 12:51:51 -0700
> Subject: Airport card not finding SMC Barricade
> I just installed an Airport card in my iBook. It is not picking up
> the SMC wireless router on the existing pc network (no Internet access
> for example.) Any ideas? Thanks.