Dear Newsgroup:

There have been several posts over the past year that describe a conflict
between OpenOffice and recent NVidia video drivers. Specifically,
OpenOffice can be relied on to create a segmentation fault on launch.

I have come up with a fix, tested on recent Red Hat versions (this fix may
work on other distributions). Add this line near the top of the script

export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5

This well-known invocation prevents what is otherwise a certain segmentation
fault during the launch of OpenOffice on systems where a recent NVidia
driver is present. Also, because of its placement in /usr/bin/ooffice, it
applies the fix to all OpenOffice applications.

I offer this after trying to get the NVidia and OpenOffice people to
investigate the actual cause over a period of months. So ... it's a patch,
a hack, but it works.

Paul Lutus